Using the wrong wipe in your production process can waste thousands of pounds by either under or over specifying your product.

Nodules on the backs of stampers or discs printed with missing text can both result from using the wrong wipes. Conversely by using a specialist lint free wipe to mop up oil leaks can add needless costs to your production budget.

Amega supply specialist wipes to all the processes involved in CD and DVD production. From standard blue centre-feed used on the production floor to low lint and lint free wipes used in the clean room and print room.

We offer a full review service for any manufacturing process and offer better specified products more suited to your production needs. Even if you are happy with the wipes you are using we will be able to resource an unbranded cheaper equivalent for you.

image of General Purpose Wipes

General Purpose Wipes

These wipes are the workhorse of industrial wipes - an "industrial kitchen roll" - used for non critical cleaning, spillages and a general purpose production floor wiper. Available in many forms 1, 2 or 3 ply and standard, medium or jumbo rolls. Also in varying qualities from standard to high absorbency and high strength.

picture of some stamper wipes

Stamper Wipes

Low lint wipes used for stamper changes. These wipes are used in the semi-conductor industry where its cellulose, continuous filament production is essential.

Continuous Filaments

Lint-free fabric Because Bemcot is made from continuous filaments, the occurrence of stray fibres protruding from the surface or separating from the fabric is extremely rare.

image of Lint-free fabric - Bemcot


image of Lint-free fabric - Cotton gauze

Cotton gauze

image of Lint-free fabric - Binder-type non-woven fabric

Binder-type non-woven fabric

As well as Bemcott wipes we are able to offer alternative products that can offer the same high performance low linting material.

Clean Room Wipes

image of Clean Room Wipes

Lint free wipes for use in a clean room environment - vacuum packed and colour coded.

Print Wipes

image of Print Wipes

Low lint and ultra low lint wipes supplied specifically for silk screen and litho printers - available in many formats from loose rags to brag boxes, to suit your production constraints.

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