picture of a row of uv lamps

UV lamps

Ultra-violet technology is today an integral part of the CD and DVD manufacturing process, used for curing the protective lacquer on CDs, the bonding resin in DVDs and the printing inks on CD and DVD disc labels.

Amega supply a range of UV curing lamps suitable for almost all known UV curing systems. Offering ultimate performance, the lamps provide exceptionally good service life and consistent UV output.

Our lamps are designed and manufactured as direct replacement lamps or to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

In the event of us being unable to identify your specific lamp we can supply a direct replacement from either a new or used sample. If this is not possible then a replacement can be sourced using the following details:

(A-E) Style of End Fittings and Dimensions
(1) Overall Length (mm)
(2) Arc Length (mm)
(3) Outside Diameter (mm)
Make of lamp
Part Number
Serial Number
Lamp Voltage
Lamp Amperage
Lead Length
Make of Machine
Make of UV Unit

picture of uv lamp diagram

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