We have the edge because...

Advantages using Amega Engineering:

I. Amega has a committed dedicated team that work closely with their customers to solve their problems providing personal contact and a friendly helpful service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

II. Highly competitive prices through bulk buying.

picture cd duplication

III. Amega have 15 years of technical experience with 10 years specifically in CD production.

IV. Amega are distributors for high profile, high quality suppliers like Pall, SMC and Keyance, giving Amega the access to the full technical, design and human resources in many different fields.

V. Amega have a vast and varied product knowledge and offer a free product sourcing service.

VI. Amega are happy to stock special items on a call-off ex-stock availability basis.

Amega are able to tailor their service to a customers specific needs, and can offer:

  • Single source capacity
  • Scheduled/timed deliveries
  • Kanban systems, with in-house or faxed stock checking
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Full flexibility

Single Sourcing - The Benefits

In America and Europe large successful companies such as GM, Philips Microsoft, Ford and Honda have been taking strides towards reducing their supplier base and instead developing close working relationships with "supply partners". They have discovered that it can be mutually beneficial to both Manufacturer and Supplier if many of the traditionally transactional processes previously performed by a purchasing department can be "delegated" to a Single Source agent.

The benefits can be seen as:

Reduction in cost of ownership of stock - The cost of an item if often incorrectly seen as just it’s price. Often factors such as delivery charges, cost of generating purchase orders, time spent making phone calls and sending faxes is ignored. All these hidden costs can either be reduced or often eliminated by passing the burden of purchasing on to a single source.

Simplification of order process - Large groups of orders can be given to a one-stop-shop, meaning one phone call, one purchase order and one invoice rather than 5, 10 or even 30 separate orders.

Reduction in stock requirement - The onus of stock burden can (where appropriate) be placed on a supplier, who can be confident that they are not stocking items on the off chance of a sale, but are keeping products to be called off at a later date.

Improved flexibility on sourcing options - Many large companies are inflexible about where and whom they can source from, with many accounts departments loathe to pay by pro-forma or deal in foreign currencies for small orders. Sourcing companies have no such restrictions.

picture of amega's diverse stock

Faster order response times - A company that has a vested interest in their customer’s welfare will be more responsive to emergency breakdown situations and be aware of the urgency of the situation.

Greater visibility in supply chain - Expediting of orders is greatly simplified, and if necessary the delivery of items can be timed to the hour rather than the nearest day or week.

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