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Screen Savers

Masking is used throughout the silk screen industry to extend the life of relatively expensive silk screens. In other print houses the area around the image is taped off under the screen using Mylar tape to avoid ink bleed through pin holes left during the exposure process, this stops the build up of deposits of ink below the screen which would otherwise eventually burst the screen. Some printers also mask off the top surface to reduce the wear on the screen from the action of the squeegee blade.

Because of the repeatable nature of CD/DVD printing (i.e. the same shape, printing onto the same substrate every time), we can produce a ready made mask, that is easier to apply and cheaper than tape.

Amega’s Solution

Each printer, has their own way of doing things, so Amega have produced a range of screen savers to suit everyone.
We offer:

A Range of Materials including:

  • Silver Mylar
  • Clear Polyester 25 & 50 micron
  • Gold Mylar
  • Non reflective silver polyester

A Range of Sheet Sizes & Shapes

Some users like to mask off the whole of the screen surface while others only feel that the area that the squeegee covers needs protecting, so Amega have produced a variety of sizes of screen saver to solve all of these problems. With internal diameter holes ranging from 118mm to 120mm, with CD credit card savers, 60mm disc savers and even semi-circular savers.

Custom Made Savers

Amega are unique in being able to offer a service that enables customers to design their own screen savers. If you have a specific shape, size or material request, let us know and we can get a proof sheet or material sample to you in a couple of days along with a quote.

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