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“One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time”

When it comes to sourcing equipment and important parts, you need to be sure that you can trust and rely on your suppliers. Wasted time through delayed deliveries can have a major impact on the efficiency of your business.

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Amega Engineering was formed five years ago, initially manufacturing turnkey moulding components to the compact disc industry. Amega’s reputation for delivering good quality products, on time and at a competitive price grew. Our product range and customer base have grown to such an extent that we now act as a “One Stop Shop” to the media industry.

Amega are distributors for many major manufacturers such as SMC, Bosch, 3M, Pall and Festo. We are able to supply a vast range of products, from hydraulic motors, pneumatic valves and sensors to latex gloves, packaging supplies and process chemicals and are able to source any unusual items needed by our customers.

At Amega Engineering, we recognise that ultimately, it’s not the products we supply, but the customers we serve that ensure our success. That’s why we’re dedicated to meeting the needs of those who depend on our products with outstanding after-market service and support.

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We pride ourselves on being able to offer a premier personalised service, and take the time to ascertain our customers exact requirements in order to provide a responsive, fast and efficient service. By maintaining a flexible approach, Amega is able to offer a fully tailored ordering system to suit each customer, whether it be variable call off orders, orders split by department, orders generated from minimum and maximum stock level reports, Kanban systems or Amega physically checking stock levels on site.

With over 20 years buying experience in the engineering and production industry, our dedicated team work closely with manufacturers to give you the best support and service possible, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Printing: Mounting Foils Screen Savers Disc Mats Litho Consumables | Replication: Suction Cups UV Lamps Gripper Fingers/Filters | Stamper Production: Sanding Discs / Contact Rings Chemicals Wipes | Packaging: Shrink Sleeves / Film

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